Nazis at the Center of the Earth Nazis at the Center of the Earth - Cinema 31 
Quality : BRRip 720p.x264
Director : Joseph J. Lawson
Writer : Paul Bales
Stars : Dominique Swain, Jake Busey and Lilan Bowden
Genre : Horror, Thriller
Release date: April 2012 (Source : 

Trailer : 
Review: This thing was absolutely ridiculous due mainly to the plot,the plot, & the plot. I would love to know what the writers were thinking when they wrote it and how they thought it would come out on film. Everything that normally should have been right was wrong, and of coarse everything that should have been wrong was right, and it managed to be one of the most humorous attempts at horror I have ever seen. Everything that happened was totally absurd, but in a funny way. The acting was well, good enough to keep things rolling. There were so many WTHell moments,eye brow raising, & oh my's to keep you watching. The last third of it was the best, like when the machine opens & what happens afterward is totally awesome lmao. There is enough cheese in this to feed all the rats in NYC, So if you are looking for a good hilarious, gore filled film that is completely nuts then this is for you.
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