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 Director : David S. Cass Sr.
Writer : Michael Moran, Janette Oke
Stars : Wes Brown, Julie Mond and Abigail Mavity
Genre : Family
Release date: TV 2011

 Trailer : 
 Review: I really wanted to like this made for TV movie. I've watched all the other "Love" series by Janette Oke and while some of them were bad, the first one "Love Comes Softly" was my favorite and since this was a prequel to that movie thought it would be interesting. Boy was I wrong.

I don't know if this movie was filmed in one day but the hairstyles never changed. Perfectly braided, make up just so. The two female stars were supposed to be hard working gals trying to keep the family ranch/farm going after their parents died but all they seemed to do is go into town to chat with friends, drink coffee, take walks, etc. Saw very little of the frontier life.

And the acting was so horrible that I couldn't believe the producers, directors or editors actually thought this was a good movie.

Read the Janette Oke books and don't waste time with this drivel.(Source : 
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