Gantz 2011 - Gantz 2011- Cinema31 
 Director : Shinsuke Sato
Writer : Hiroya Oku
Stars : Kazunari Ninomiya, Ken'ichi Matsuyama and Yuriko Yoshitaka
Genre : Action
Release date: 2011
Trailer :
Review: Okay so i'll outline the fact that my rating of the film is bias based on my opinion of the manga. Having said that i do give credit where credit is due.

Well i was slightly skeptical of the film before i watched it, since i wondered how it could compare to the manga. The next few arcs in the manga (after what the first film detailed) is where it actually kicks off and gets really engulfing with the characters, the relationships and the aliens. To my surprise though this film doesn't actually continue along the manga's story and instead tries to make up a new story of it's own. The problem with this is that the film needs to work out what it's trying to say in the story. Unfortunately we are left with more questions than answers and a pretty shaky story to hold it all on.

Now moving onto some good points, the cinematography was good, the action scenes started well, but dragged slightly towards the end of the film. The acting was okay... as good as any other live-action Japanese film. i think that might actually be it.

My conclusion is the film might be very slightly better than my rating for anyone who has only seen the first film and not read the manga. Their is a lot of scenes and actions in the film that happen and are unexplained or have no relevance as far as i can see. Beyond the poor makeshift story the film still tries to convey the depth of human actions and emotions. But for me it was too little in a film that didn't seem to have enough attention paid to it.

P.S Just remembered - this doesn't even have the third option when getting 100 points. i guess it keeps it from opening the story up to the fact that their are more Gantz teams all over the world. intrigued? thought so.
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