Gachiban arutimeitamu (2011) - Gachiban arutimeitamu (2011) - Cinema 31 
 Director : Takashi Motoki
Writer :
Stars : Masataka Kubota, Kazuyoshi Ogawa and Kazuma Sano
Genre : Action
Release date: 2011 (Source : 

Trailer : 

Review: Yankee movie “Gachiban” 11 series work. Kabukicho in Shinjuku Yakuza Hayato surrounded by the best dressed in leather biker skull populations gold “Gold Skull” can be helped by following a lone silver. Meanwhile, the child was released from juvenile detention crest, a man begins to move how you try to place yourself in the reformatory feeding was far below what it is silver. “Gachiban II” from the “VI” and starring Kazuma Sano served up, “Gachiban MAX” serves as a double starred starred in the series, Masataka Kubota
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