Pina DVDRip 2011 - Pina DVDRip 2011 - Cinema31
Director : Wim Wenders
Writer : Wim Wenders
Stars : Regina Advento, Malou Airaudo and Ruth Amarante
Genre : Musical
Release date: 2011

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 Review: I think I am destined never to fully make my mind up about this film. My first reactions (during the screening) was that it is a competent filming of some strong choreography (and dancing of that choreography).

Wenders has greater ambitions though, no doubt coloured by the death of the eponymous choreographer during the film's development. Short reflections on Bausch's working atmosphere are offered by the dancers over footage of their mute, posed headshots. Preparations for dancing in the theatre are shown, as well as the occasional shot of the back of the first few rows of the audience. It's a stubbornly artistic attempt to homogenise the mode of expression.

I appreciate that this is a consistent way of approaching this film. However, I longed for a little more straightforward discussion to offset the dance rather than a stream of inarticulate platitude and pretentious gloss which actually rather muddles the art on show. This isn't just as I am a dance ignoramus. It also affects the integrity of the recreated dance and the film in which it's couched. The Cafe Müller discussion is a particular lost opportunity, with the reconvened production team failing to string a sentence together, whilst the gripping dance is chopped up to accommodate it.

I'm not sure that the 3D arrangement lends all that much to the film - the extra dimension does enrich the experience. However the technology still can't remove ghost images, blurred motion or translucent patches in well-lit sequences. Certainly, compared to the inconvenience of having to wear the wretched spectacles and suffering the subsequently darkened images it's a meagre return. Still, for all my resistance I did find myself rather absorbed by the dance at its centre, which, as a triumph for Bausch, stands for something. 6/10
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