Panic at Rock Island - Panic at Rock Island
 Director : Tony Tilse
Writer : Matt Ford
Stars : Viva Bianca, Grant Bowler and Anna Hutchison
Genre : Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi
Release date: 2011

Trailer : 

Review: I have said it before, Aussies can't make film's, even TV films stink, and this is another piece of rubbish. The acting is just like acting you see in Neighbours.
The storyline is just another copy of films we have seen before, nothing new in any sense, so why do they make stuff like this? No bloody idea! If they would have put in zombies due to the infection, then maybe I would have given it a better rating just for the gore and laughs, I just could not take this film serious in any way.
A solid 1 out of 10, with other words BLOODY awful mate!
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