S.W.A.T Firefight

Cinema31 - S.W.A.T Firefight
 Director : Benny Boom
Writer : Reed Steiner, Reed Steine, Randy Walker, Michael Albanese, (as Mike Albanese), Ed Arneson
Stars : Kristanna Loken, Robert Patrick and Gabriel Macht 
Genre : Action, Crime, Thriller 
Release date: 2011

 Trailer : 
 Review: Please put the 90 minutes that you would spend watching this movie to better use, because if you don't, you will regret wasting so much precious time!
I watched the trailer and thought this would be a good film, but it was so awful, I spent the last 30 minutes wanting the film to end so I could write this review and save people the time! The main problems for me are awful acting, think cheese and rambo and you might have an idea, none of the actors gelled together to make it even feel like it was a good script, the baddies actually don't do anything during the movie to make you feel like its life or death, the storyline just has not been properly thought out and it shows.
I don't know if this movie is going straight to DVD, but I would recommend it does and gets lost, because if I paid to see this I would be demanding my money back!!
Source : imdb.com/title/tt1621429/
 Download Film : Available/Klik disini
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